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out of one's hair
[out of one's hair] {adj. phr.}, {informal} Rid of as a […]

out of the way
[out of the way] {adv. phr.} 1. Not where people usually […]

pain in the ass
[pain in the ass] or [pain in the neck] {n.}, {slang}, […]

pick at
[pick at] {v.} 1. To reach or grasp for repeatedly. * […]

pick on
[pick on] {v.} 1. {informal} To make a habit of annoying […]

piss off
[piss off] {v.}, {slang}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} To bother; annoy; irritate. * […]

put out
[put out] {v.} 1. To make a flame or light stop […]

rub the wrong way
[rub the wrong way] {v. phr.}, {informal} To make (someone) a […]

shake up
[shake up] {v.}, {informal} To bother; worry; disturb. * /The notice […]

shrug off
[shrug off] or [shrug away] {v.} To act as if you […]