go by

go by  {v.}
1. To go or move past; pass.
Bob had to go by the post office on his way to school, so he mailed the letter.
2. To follow; copy; obey.
Mother goes by a pattern when she makes a dress.
You will find Main Street without trouble if you go by Father's directions.
If you ride a bicycle, you must go by the rules of the road.
3. To be known by; be called.
Many actors do not go by their real names.
Fred goes by the nickname of Chubby.
4. To pass; be over; end.
Time goes by quickly on vacation.
The horse and buggy days have gone by.
The flowers have all gone by. What will I do for a bouquet?
5. To stop for a short visit; go to someone's house for a short while.
"Have you seen Bill lately?" "Yes, I went by his house last week."
Compare: STOP BY.
Categories: time verb