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I declare

I declare  {interj.},  {dialect}
Well; oh my; truly. — Used for emphasis.
I declare, it has been a very warm day!
Mother said, "I declare, John, you have grown a foot."

I'll say

I'll say or I tell you  {interj.},  {informal}
I agree with this completely. — Used for emphasis.
Did the children all enjoy Aunt Sally's pecan pie? I'll say!
I'll say this is a good movie!

I'll tell you what

Here is an idea.
The hamburger stand is closed, but I'll tell you what, let's go to my house and cook some hot dogs.

I'm telling you

I'm telling you  {informal}
It is important to listen to what I am saying.
Marian is a smart girl but I'm telling you, she doesn't always do what she promises.

if only

I wish.
If only it would stop raining!
If only Mother could be here.

if need be

if need be  {adv. phr.}
If the need arises.
If need be, I can come early tomorrow and work overtime.

in a big way

in a big way  {adv. phr.},  {informal}
As fully as possible; with much ceremony.
Our family celebrates birthdays in a big way.
John likes to entertain his dates in a big way.
Categories:adverb informal

keep up appearances

keep up appearances  {v. phr.}
To maintain an outward show of prosperity in spite of financial problems.
Mr. Smith's widow had a hard time keeping up appearances after her husband's death.
Categories:death time verb

know something inside out

To be extremely well conversant with something; be an expert in; have thorough knowledge of.
Tom knows the stock market inside out.


know-it-all  {n.}
A person who acts as if he knows all about everything; someone who thinks no one can tell him anything new.
After George was elected as class president, he wouldn't take suggestions from anyone; he became a know-it-all.
- Also used like an adjective.
The other students didn't like George's know-it-all attitude.
Categories:adjective noun