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lay down the law

lay down the law  {v. phr.}
1. To give strict orders.
The teacher lays down the law about homework every afternoon.
2. To speak severely or seriously about a wrongdoing; scold.
The principal called in the students and laid down the law to them about skipping classes.

lay one's cards on the table

To let someone know your position and interest openly; deal honestly; act without trickery or secrets.
In talking about buying the property, Peterson laid his cards on the table about his plans for it.
Some of the graduates of the school were unfriendly toward the new superintendent, but he put his cards on the table and won their support.
Categories:informal verb

lay up

lay up  {v.}
1. To collect a supply of; save for future, use; store.
Bees lay up honey for the winter.
2. To keep in the house or in bed because of sickness or injury; disable.
Jack was laid up with a twisted knee and couldn't play in the final game.
3. To take out of active service; put in a boat dock or a garage.
Bill had to lay up his boat when school started.
If you lay up a car for the winter, you should take out the battery.

have a heart

have a heart  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To stop being mean; be kind, generous, or sympathetic.
Have a heart, Bob, and lend me two dollars.
Have a heart, Mary, and help me with this lesson.
He didn't know if the teacher would have a heart and pass him.
Categories:informal verb

heart of gold

heart of gold  {n. phr.}
A kind, generous, or forgiving nature.
John has a heart of gold. I never saw him angry at anyone.
Mrs. Brown is a rich woman with a heart of gold.

fair shake

fair shake  {n.},  {informal}
Honest treatment.
Joe has always given me a fair shake.
Categories:informal noun

fair-weather friend

A person who is a friend only when you are successful.
Everyone knows that John's only a fair-weather friend.

fairy tale

fairy tale or story  {n.}
An inaccurate, even false account of something; a result of wishful thinking.
Jeff said he was going to be promoted soon, but we all suspect that it is only one of his customary fairy tales.

fall away

fall away  {v. phr.}
To decline; diminish.
I was shocked to see how haggard Alan looked; he seems to be falling away to a shadow.

far cry

far cry  {n.}
Something very different.
His last statement was a far cry from his first story.
The first automobile could run, but it was a far cry from a modern car.
Categories:cars noun