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kangaroo court

A self-appointed group that decides what to do to someone who is supposed to have done wrong.
The Chicago mob held a kangaroo court and shot the gangster who competed with Al Capone.

keen about

keen about or keen on  {adj. phr.}
Very enthusiastic about someone or something.
It is well known that Queen Elizabeth is keen on horses.

name is mud

name is mud  {informal}
(You) are in trouble; a person is blamed or no longer liked. — Used in the possessive.
If you tell your mother I spilled ink on her rug my name will be mud.
Your name will be mud if you tell the teacher about the bad thing we did.

fall for

fall for  {v.},  {slang}
1. To begin to like very much.
Dick fell for baseball when he was a little boy.
2. To begin to love (a boy or a girl.)
Helen was a very pretty girl and people were not surprised that Bill fell for her.
3. To believe (something told to fool you.)
Nell did not fall for Joe's story about being a jet pilot.
Categories:love slang verb

fall guy

fall guy
fall guy  {n.},  {slang}
The "patsy" in an illegal transaction; a sucker; a dupe; the person who takes the punishment others deserve.
When the Savings and Loan Bank failed, due to embezzlement, the vice president had to be the fall guy, saving the necks of the owners.
Categories:noun slang

dead ringer

dead ringer  {n. phr.}
A person who strongly resembles someone else.
Charlie is a dead ringer for his uncle.


dead-end  {n.}
A street closed at one end; a situation that leads nowhere.
Jim drove into a dead-end street and had to back out.
Mary was in a dead-end job.


dead-end  {v.}
To not continue normally but end in a closure (said of streets).
Our street dead-ends on the lake.

take a dig at

take a dig at  {v. phr.}
To attack verbally; offend; denigrate.
If you keep taking digs at me all the time, our relationship will be a short one.
Categories:relationship time verb

take a hand in

take a hand in  {v. phr.}
To assist in the direction of; participate.
The University Faculty Club decided to take a hand in helping the recent refugees.
Categories:hand verb