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as long as

as long as or so long as  {conj.}
1. Since; because; considering that.
As long as you are going to town anyway, you can do something for me.
2. Provided that; if.
You may use the room as you like, so long as you clean it up afterward.

as soon as

as soon as  {conj.}
Just after; when; immediately after.
As soon as the temperature falls to 70, the furnace is turned on.
As soon as you finish your job let me know.
He will see you as soon as he can.

as well as

as well as  {conj.}
In addition to; and also; besides.
Hiking is good exercise as well as fun.
He was my friend as well as my doctor.
The book tells about the author's life as well as about his writings.

for as much as

for as much as  {conj.},  {formal}
Because; since.
For as much as the senator is eighty years old, we feel he should not run for reelection.
Categories:conjunction formal

now that

now that  {conj.}
Since; because; now.
Now that dinner is ready, wash your hands.
You came early, but now that you're here, take off your coat.

so that

so that  {conj.}
1. or in order that; for the purpose that; so. — "So that" is usually followed by "can" or "could"; "in order that" is usually followed by "may" or "might".
Let's get ready now so that we can leave when Father comes.
Betty saved her money in order that she might buy a doll.
Compare: IN ORDER TO.
2. With the result that; so.
My pencil fell under my desk, so that I couldn't see it.
George often told stories that weren't true, so that no one believed him when he told about a deer in the school yard.

such as

such as  {conj.}
1. Of a kind or amount shown or named; of a kind like.
The explorer took only such men and things as he really needed into the jungle with him.
They felt such heat in the jungle as they had never felt before.
Many different pies were in the bakery such as apple, cherry, and blueberry pies.
2. Of the average or ordinary kind; poor; humble.
Such as the food was, there was plenty of it.
The room is not very nice, but such as it is, you may stay there for the night.

just so

just so (2)  {conj.}
Provided; if.
Take as much food as you want, just so you don't waste any food.
Syn.: AS LONG AS (2).

let alone

let alone  {conj. phr.}
1. Even less; certainly not. — Used after a negative clause.
I can't add two and two, let alone do fractions.
Jim can't drive a car, let alone a truck.
2. let alone or leave alone  {v.}
To stay away from; keep hands off; avoid.
When Joel gets mad, just let him alone.
Little Patsy was warned to leave the birthday cake alone.
Compare: LET BE.
Categories:conjunction verb

much less

much less  {conj.}
And also not; and even less able or likely to. — Used after a negative clause.
I never even spoke to the man, much less insulted him.
John couldn't even pick up the box, much less carry it upstairs.
George can hardly understand arithmetic, much less algebra.